Saturday, July 31, 2010

vintage shoes galore

the shoes have been killin' it lately! i can't keep them around! here's some photo's that emilia took the other day of our latest batch.

Size 9

Size 6

Size 7

Size 6-ish

Size 8.5

Size 7

Size 5.5

Size 7

all shoes are $35 and all boots are $59. awesome, huh? get a cat for free today and then a cheap pair of vintage shoes! sounds purrfect.

Friday, July 30, 2010


just a heads up that all female cats over 1 year are FREE at the edmonton humane society on Saturday July 31st. all kittens and male cats are available for adoption at 20-100% off the adoption fees, you get to spin to win. pictured above is vanna, a 3 year old cat who is looking for her forever home.

what's the normal human to cat ratio? 1:2? is 1:3 pushing it? will i become a crazy cat lady? also, maybe i should just get a little guinea pig for the store. that would be cute, right?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

mono provisional shop

this is a heads up to all of you lucky ducks that live in vancouver! (mary? charlotte?)

mono is shifting gears from more traditional wholesaling to setting up temporary spaces:


for more information check out the mono website.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


emilia recently got some of her film developed and was kind enough to share it with us. she also started a second blog dedicated exclusively to film, check it out here.

so enjoy the latest happenings here at the store:

some lucky lady got duchess treats for her birthday

jill checking out the happenings of our back alley

maegan bringing in her canvases for artwalk

a painting of her best friend, so though we'd let him hang out in the ladies change room

the one of the right is currently hanging in my living room: 'on all fours pink'


thanks emilia!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

* d a c e * arrivals!

dace! fall! love!

new pieces from dace's fall 2010 collection arrived in the store this afternoon. swoon. i've been painting up a storm in the basement (trying to get the silk screening area all set up) and on one of my frequent 'visits upstairs' kaitlin surprised me with these beautiful new styles.

dace walter jacket, 310

dace dana blouse, 154

oh-la-la, dace connie dress, 254

we also got in more sizes of the classic dace coco trouser!

we'll try and post pictures of the new osei-duro soon, too. see you soon! xox.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

worn magazine issue no. 10

Issue no. 10 of worn magazine has arrived in the shop! 7 bucks and it's yours.

Friday, July 23, 2010

shoes galore.

just got in 12 'new' pairs of shoes! check out these beauties:

Size 10

Size 7.5

Size 6.5-ish

Size 6

Size 8.5

Size 10

Size 6.5

All of the vintage shoes are $35 and boots are $59.


new styles from the lovely local line, maked, arrived in store late last week. these designs always go quickly, as they are super cute, comfy, stylish and well priced.

maked bam bam dress, 144

maked blush dress, 150

maked drift dress, 128 (also available in sage green)

maked tilt dress, 140 (so so cute! i have this one a lavender colour from a few seasons ago and, man, it's my favourite summer dress. so much so that i think maybe it's justifiable that i have it in two colours, right?)

maked crease dress, 136 (only medium left, though I will be ordering more! let me know if you are interested and I can call you when more arrive).

ming ming george top, 68, with maked fold over skirt, 110

Thursday, July 22, 2010

ear drums

any guesses as to what's going on?

is someone playing shitty music?

another telemarketer trying to get us to switch debit machines?

is emilia making more bad jokes?

haha, just joshing, emilia.

our gas meter got mover outside the other day, and YIKES, the drilling was loud. so the three of us just stood around for 5-10 mintues at a time, covering our precious ears. thankfully emilia was around to capture this magic moment.

ears need to be saved for better things, like the new cocorosie album:

anna de courcy

one of our most cherised jewelry lines is anna de courcy. she is the creator of the most worldly treasures, ones that you will wear every single day and eventually pass down to the ones you love.

anna travels to france two to three times a year and always comes back with loot bags full of beautiful antiques that she turns into wearable treasures in her downtown vancouver studio. here are her latest pieces:

Antique FOB on 22 inch chain with an antique watch chain drop, 300

Back of FOB reads: Apsley Charity Cup Finalist, 1898

Antique spoon on 24 inch chain, 260

Medium pine cone on 30 inch chain, 200

Antique spoon on 30 inch chain, 280

Antique coin necklace on 30 inch chain, 180

antique sppon ring, size . . . 8? total guess, maybe a 7? 200.

we also still have one of her thimble necklaces too, and a few more of her coin pieces. be sure to check them out soon.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

pyrrha poster

pyrrha had sent us a lovely binder full of information about them last season. it sadly got lost in the shelf of binders, until kaitin was digging around looking for the pyrrha catalogue. and guess what? we found this beautiful poster! i ran it over to mill creek framing to get it dry mounted and just today we through it up on the wall. so next time your in the shop, check it out and drool over all of the beautiful pendants (and ask us for the catalogue as we have lots more for you to look at).