Friday, November 27, 2009


thanks so much to everyone who made it out last night! we had a blast and are grateful for your continued support! it was nice to see so many familiar faces. also, a big big thank you to ros at Eden Lilly, who has a heart of gold. your generosity amazes me. she dropped off some beautiful yellow roses and a stunning christmas bouquet as well. thanks for help making the store look so pretty! also, thanks to my mom for making such tasty treats. and you were right mom, we did need one more tray of rice crispy treats. she's always on the ball.

once again, we only managed to snap a few photos before the party shifted into full swing.

thanks again pals!



Thursday, November 26, 2009

party o'clock

tonight is our party! i'm so excited! i hope you can make it.

you know who else likes to party? the muppets.

i kinda think this is the best thing ever. see you soon! xox.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

veekee agenda's

yeah! the most beautiful agenda's in the entire world just arrived in the shop today. veekee, who many moon's ago worked at noko, sent off a package full of agenda's for us from her current home in halifax. we had the agenda's last year, and they made such fantastic presents (self presents too!) i couldn't wait to have them back again.

this year the covers are soft, rather than hard, but they still have the same fabric detailing. again, they also have stickers and pockets for notes and such, as well as a ribbon marker. these agenda's are blank, so you can start them whenever. (i was going to use the term date-less, but i didn't want to imply that by having a super cute nerdy agenda you would be without dates (quite contraire)).

veekee (check out her brand spanking new website) has been documenting the process of creating 300 agenda's from scratch on her fb page. i stole a few photos from there (thanks veekee!) just so you can get a better idea of all the work that goes into creating an agenda.

aren't they beautiful? they go for $54, and each one has it's own look, thanks to the fabric detailing. i squeeled when they arrived, and even though there were tons of photos of them already, i just had to snap a few more.

busy bees!

besides our super-duper fun party tomorrow night, this weekend is going to be jammed packed full of fun times.

first on deck:

uh, i guess all of the info is above, so i don't need to spell it out to you. but, regardless, here is a brief synopsis for you: fashion show by local designers! (including our own myrtle & pearls)! music! art! fun times! tickets are only $10 in advance (at yours truly (cash only)), or else $12 at the door.

then, get ready for the Royal Bison Art & Craft Fair, taking place this Saturday and Sunday (10-5 pm each day). Tons of local designers (over 60!) offering up their beautiful designs for you. it's only $2 to get in, little kids are free. it's just around the corner from nokomis, north of the farmers market at 8426 Gateway Blvd.

whew, like i said, busy, eh? i better rest up tonight, (after I make cookies for the party tomorrow)!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

thank you party!

This year has brought many changes to Nokomis, but one thing has remained the same: YOU! We are so appreciative of your continued support, that we are throwing a party, that's right, just for you.

Join us on Thursday November 26, from 4-9 pm for cookies, rice krispie squares and bevies while we d├ębut our new holiday dresses. Also, since we think you are so nifty, all purchases will be discounted at least 15%, though you will be able to draw for your discount, so it might be as high as 30% or 50%. Cross your fingers and maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones who gets their purchase at half price.

The new holiday dresses are from the Nokomis house line as well as a limited number of beautiful jewel toned dresses from local designer Maked. There seems to be a rash of work/wedding/karaoke parties this upcoming season (I should start stretching now for all of the dance parties). Make sure you have the perfect dress that will make you feel like a million bucks, so you can keep the party alive with your awesome dance moves.

Thanks again for all of your support. Nokomis loves you.



Friday, November 20, 2009

show and tell

i've been meaning to show off the latest display case at the shop. it's called a 'show jar' and it's been getting as many compliments as the clothing has. it was my grandfathers, he displayed a few of his antiques in it. i think originally it was for a general store, for food products, maybe candy?

it's nice to have something that was my grandpa's in the shop. he always knew i would one day own my own business, long before it was ever a dream of mine. after years of working in the refineries in calgary, my grandpa became an entrepreneur. he was a successful house builder, and also, when he 'retired' he ran a booth in a flea market. he always had loads of weird things, like easter baskets, umbrella hats, etc. it made visits with grandma and grandpa loads of fun. grandpa believed in me and supported me unconditionally. it's something that i remind myself of when the times get tough. thank you grandpa, i miss you. xox.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

noko atlantic dress & pacific top

we got in two new styles from the nokomis line (only two more styles coming in after this!), the atlantic dress and the pacific top. they may sound familiar to you, as they were apart of our fall 09 collection, in the blue and white ikat fabric. elizabeth and i adored that fabric, there was always a lot of talk about making ikat bed spreads and drapes and couch covers, but we also adored the cut of those styles. so much so that we though we'd try them out again, in a beautiful drapey silk. both are available in olive and brown.

nokomis atlantic dress, 164
biko charlie necklace, 158
nokomis vintage shoes, 25

not only is there a super cute anchor on the necklace, it also becomes a magnifying glass, ta-da:

nokomis pacific top, 135
nokomis lydia skirt, 104
biko kaleidoscope necklace, (sold)
nokomis vintage boots, 49

it's cute tucked into a high waisted skirt, but also looks great over jeans (i had an opera ah-ha moment this morning, lying in bed, wondering what to wear to a house party this saturday night, and i was like, of course! the pacific top! whew.)

the other two styles from the nokomis line are both dresses, and will be debuted, along with a few other holiday dresses, at our party next thursday, the 26th. more on the party to come soon! xox.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

be proud badges

i spotted these adorable (and hilarious) badges at distill gallery when i was in toronto last september. so cute! and for only $25, they are a perfect little gift for a pal, office mate, bf/gf, etc.

'rocking the boat' badge

'being sweet as pie' badge

'being high as a kite' badge

'leaving the nest' badge

'flipping the bird' badge

lots more in the shop. i even made clothes peg magnets for these badges last night; i was so excited for their arrival! we also got in more dru's designs clothing, cause we have basically sold out of her entire collection. she also makes these cute tee's for men called Identity Tees, so finally more men's tops. and, drum roll please: more preloved! sweaters! mittens! holiday stockings! pillows! i'll post some pictures soon-ish. but come by and check them out for yourself, as preloved always sells well. and i think the badges will too!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

mira jane

my niece, mira jane, came to visit me at the shop on saturday. we realized that her tiny feet could fit into a ladies size 5.5-6, (kennedy feet are notouriously big (or 'long' as my mom pefers to call them) we are all size 10's). so she tried on a few pairs of shoes, and then i figured she might at well try on some clothes too and we could have a photo shoot. the last time we had one she was 4 years old; she's now ten (double digits!) so we were long over due.

dagg & stacey nightingale, 235
noko vintage shoes, 25

sessa katherine dress, 119
noko vintage shoes, 25

she's pretty good at modeling, eh? and she doesn't even watch ANTM, it's all just natural! hopefully in a few years mira will be working here at the shop, helping her auntie out. until then, we'll have giggles over impromptu photo shoots.