Thursday, November 19, 2009

noko atlantic dress & pacific top

we got in two new styles from the nokomis line (only two more styles coming in after this!), the atlantic dress and the pacific top. they may sound familiar to you, as they were apart of our fall 09 collection, in the blue and white ikat fabric. elizabeth and i adored that fabric, there was always a lot of talk about making ikat bed spreads and drapes and couch covers, but we also adored the cut of those styles. so much so that we though we'd try them out again, in a beautiful drapey silk. both are available in olive and brown.

nokomis atlantic dress, 164
biko charlie necklace, 158
nokomis vintage shoes, 25

not only is there a super cute anchor on the necklace, it also becomes a magnifying glass, ta-da:

nokomis pacific top, 135
nokomis lydia skirt, 104
biko kaleidoscope necklace, (sold)
nokomis vintage boots, 49

it's cute tucked into a high waisted skirt, but also looks great over jeans (i had an opera ah-ha moment this morning, lying in bed, wondering what to wear to a house party this saturday night, and i was like, of course! the pacific top! whew.)

the other two styles from the nokomis line are both dresses, and will be debuted, along with a few other holiday dresses, at our party next thursday, the 26th. more on the party to come soon! xox.

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Tala Kamea said...

lovely! both very handsome outfits!