Wednesday, November 18, 2009

be proud badges

i spotted these adorable (and hilarious) badges at distill gallery when i was in toronto last september. so cute! and for only $25, they are a perfect little gift for a pal, office mate, bf/gf, etc.

'rocking the boat' badge

'being sweet as pie' badge

'being high as a kite' badge

'leaving the nest' badge

'flipping the bird' badge

lots more in the shop. i even made clothes peg magnets for these badges last night; i was so excited for their arrival! we also got in more dru's designs clothing, cause we have basically sold out of her entire collection. she also makes these cute tee's for men called Identity Tees, so finally more men's tops. and, drum roll please: more preloved! sweaters! mittens! holiday stockings! pillows! i'll post some pictures soon-ish. but come by and check them out for yourself, as preloved always sells well. and i think the badges will too!

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charlotte falk said...

I just bought a vintage boy scouts backpack that these will be perfect for!