Sunday, November 1, 2009

pyrrha special orders

now that halloween is over, us boutiques owner need to start thinking about the fast approaching holiday season. i promise no decorations or themed music until at least the end of november, but if you do want to give your loved one the gift of pyrrha for the holidays let us know. tara and i are putting in our holiday pyrrha order on friday morning, to ensure that it arrives in time for you to wrap it up and slide it under the tree. we are going to get lots of different seals, so you will have lots to choose from but if you want to guarentee a specific seal, give us a shout this week and we'll put in a special order for you, and you alone.

feel free to either come by the shop and flip thru their catalogue. you can also check out their seals on their website, but there is only a limited amount shown on the website. if you do already know what you want, shoot me an email at mail[at]nokokmisclothing[dot]ca and we'll make sure it arrives for you in time.

below is a page from their catalogue, with the images of their initals, a lovely way to share a personalized gift. like all seals, they are available in silver and bronze. the initals are also available in lengths 18, 20, 22 inches, for $98.

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