Friday, November 20, 2009

show and tell

i've been meaning to show off the latest display case at the shop. it's called a 'show jar' and it's been getting as many compliments as the clothing has. it was my grandfathers, he displayed a few of his antiques in it. i think originally it was for a general store, for food products, maybe candy?

it's nice to have something that was my grandpa's in the shop. he always knew i would one day own my own business, long before it was ever a dream of mine. after years of working in the refineries in calgary, my grandpa became an entrepreneur. he was a successful house builder, and also, when he 'retired' he ran a booth in a flea market. he always had loads of weird things, like easter baskets, umbrella hats, etc. it made visits with grandma and grandpa loads of fun. grandpa believed in me and supported me unconditionally. it's something that i remind myself of when the times get tough. thank you grandpa, i miss you. xox.