Sunday, November 15, 2009

brazen design

i was lucky enough to go to montreal last month for montreal fashion week, where i got to meet with so many lovely montreal designers. (i know a trip to montreal sounds glam, but i honestly started work at 8:30 am everyday, which was 6:30 edmonton time. fun!). one early rainy-ish morning i was whisked over to the cozy home/studio of rachel dhawan, creator of brazen design. she served me (and my montreal chaperone) hot tea and i ogled over her latest designs (okay, okay, so life isn't really that hard, i suppose). i got to pick out my favourite pieces to carry in nokomis, and guess what? they just arrived!

cute tree, hey? it really won me over. silver earrings at 24

upside down tree, 120 (we also have a right-side up tree, too)

spruce cone, 70

chandelier necklace, 120

one of my all-time favourites, the 'loved' necklace, 100

more pieces are available in the shop, including necklaces to match the leaf earrings.

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