Tuesday, November 17, 2009

mira jane

my niece, mira jane, came to visit me at the shop on saturday. we realized that her tiny feet could fit into a ladies size 5.5-6, (kennedy feet are notouriously big (or 'long' as my mom pefers to call them) we are all size 10's). so she tried on a few pairs of shoes, and then i figured she might at well try on some clothes too and we could have a photo shoot. the last time we had one she was 4 years old; she's now ten (double digits!) so we were long over due.

dagg & stacey nightingale, 235
noko vintage shoes, 25

sessa katherine dress, 119
noko vintage shoes, 25

she's pretty good at modeling, eh? and she doesn't even watch ANTM, it's all just natural! hopefully in a few years mira will be working here at the shop, helping her auntie out. until then, we'll have giggles over impromptu photo shoots.

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