Saturday, November 7, 2009

ginger the cat

it was bring your pet to work this past thursday! ginger came to the shop with me, while simone stayed at home to keep an eye on things. ginger, who is an explorer, was slow to warm up, but soon made the shop her home (until a customer came in, then she'd scurry back to the office, which was her home base).

i was interviewed this week by a Human Ecology student, who had asked what were some of the perks of working for yourself. i forget to mention that being able to bring your pet to work with you was a major one.

taking a peak out from 'home base', aka the office

still a little cautious

oh, totally warmed up, getting rubs from the table legs

looking out for customers and new friends

eyeing up the back parking lot (there is always lots of achtion back there)

ginger never stays long in one place, she's too busy: too much to do too much to see.

she's cute, huh? simone is a darling as well, but not as up for exploring as ginger is. she also has a really annoying habit of crying in the car, which makes me want to leave her at home even more. but i think ginger might make a few more apperances, but she'll probably be hiding out as soon as you step foot in the store.


Tala Kamea said...

Oh Ginger is so cute... Did Charlie come in to work? I bet he's really big and somewhat scary now, at least to me...

nokomis said...

charlie hasn't been in the shop for a while, too busy chasing rabbits at the farm. both he and ophelia are growing up so fast though!

Victoire said...

omg Ginger is soooo cute!! Such beautiful lines.