Friday, March 27, 2009

new clothes online!

wow, my modeling career is friggin' off the charts this month! first see magazine and now our online store ... i'm just sitting pretty waiting for IMG to call.

ok, not really (did you think i was serious?), though i did get to model some of the gorgeous new pieces we've just put up in our shop. julie-ann's been working diligently to upload new stock and, though i know i always say check in often, you should really start checking in often because from now till the end of season we'll be adding styles weekly.

our second shipment of nokomis stock is starting to slowly trickle in as well so keep your eyes open for the pretty summer dresses you can find on our website (check under the 'houseline' heading)

and if you ever see something on our blog that you like but don't see in our shop just send us an email
dace 'martin dress', 232

dagg and stacey 'mauritania dress', 235

eve gravel 'butterfly dress', 244

gee, can you guess my favorite pose?


see magazine's spring fashion shoot came out yesterday and it wasn't nearly as scary as we'd feared. everyone was right, false eyelashes DO look natural in print.

the issue celebrates local creative types who have chosen edmonton as a base to pursue their dreams. in addition to jessica, genevieve and myself the article features dara humniski and anna thomas of loyal loot and carla alexander of soul soup. check out photos from the shoot here.

good work andrea, thanks so much for the opportunity!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


this video's already made the rounds on everyone's blog but that doesn't stop me from wanting to watch it continuously and covetously.

life the way it should be:

Monday, March 23, 2009

she works hard for the money

just because you gotta go back to work every monday doesn't mean you can't look fab while doing it. whether it's the office, shop, gallery, garage or the messy studio like genevieve here, we've surely got something for you. and hey! jessica and i work together in the store all day monday so come visit us ok?

eve gravel 'ugly betty skirt', 135, snoflake 'isabelle blouse', 159, and nokomis 'gillespie bag', 330.

bodybag 'police dress', 185, and nokomis vintage shoes, 25.

LnE 'camilla top', 150, nokomis 'budapest skirt' in buff, 98, nokomis vintage shoes, 25, and brave brown bag, 65 (on sale!)

butikofer '4 way dress', 290, and nokomis vintage shoes, 25.

bodybag 'pear dress', 129, and nokomis vintage shoes, 25.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

brave brown bag update

ok, we've been dealing with a glitch or two getting these up on our online store but we FINALLY have all of our brave brown bags (still all half price) available for sale. check them out!

and hey, today marks our 200th post! who would've thunk way back in '07 when we were lucky to post three times a month?

Friday, March 20, 2009

elegant neutrals

i think our tara is so pretty. her face seems from another time & whenever i look at her i think of vintage kewpie dolls and silent film ingenues. she's delightful to photograph too and, occasionally, i can even convince her to pose for me.

today i talked her into modeling some of the beautiful new neutral-toned dresses that have just arrived in store. pictured above is dagg & stacey's 'mauritantia dress', 235.

bodybag 'pear dress', 129, and henderson dry goods filigree necklace, 150.

dagg & stacey 'isadora dress', 250, and kamea 'peru necklace' worn as a headband, 96.

dagg & stacey 'muthaiga dress', 239, and tara's diy feather headband.

LnE 'bella dress', 200.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

mini raven sale!

to celebrate spring we've decided to have a spontaneous mini-raven sale this weekend on all new nokomis house label items.

we're going to give you 25% off any purchase of nokomis label clothing or accessories between this friday, march 20, and sunday march 22. if you've been eyeing something up over the past few weeks, a top or bag or belt perhaps, now's the time to come in and buy it!

make sure you check out our beautiful spring version of the wilfred cardigan in an organic cotton/bamboo blend as well as a summer length version of our popular budapest skirt, available in black, birch and a pale sunset-y pink. both have just arrived in store and both will be on sale this weekend.

let's chase those winter blues away once and for all. join us as we welcome spring!

smokin' lily

we just got new spring goodies from one of our long time favorites, smoking lily. did you know that their store on johnson street in victoria is the world's tiniest store? it's about the size of an elevator, but they still manage to get so many pretty styles in there! when you want to try on something they magically drape a curtain around the whole store and it becomes your own change room.

here are just a few of the new styles that arrived this week:

port dress, 134

seville dress, 98

pony express bag, 68

tea towels, 15

we also received velvet wallets, the cape of good hope, silk ascots, and snap wallets too. stop by to see all of the colour and screen options, or else shoot us an email at for more info.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

lily + jae (+ jess)

new lily + jae has arrived!

the delivery man hadn't even left the store before i tore open the packages like it was december 25, 1987. i've been dreaming about this collection since i first saw it in vancouver last fall. jude, who designs the line, has selected the most beautiful denim for her spring collection. us being prairie gals, we fell in love!

in my excitement, i decided to put on a little fashion show for tara. she grabbed the camera and captured some of my best ANTM* moments.

lily + jae baggies, 178
noko men's tee, 34

lily + jae jaes jumper, 179
henderson dry goods mirror pendant, 90
noko woven belt, 69
noko vintage boots, 49

there are more styles too, but you're just going to have to come by the store to check them out! xox.

*i think allison is my favorite from season 12 so far ... who's yours?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

new alex henderson

it's been years since we've had alex henderson's beautiful laser cut wood jewelry in the store, although that hasn't stopped people asking after it ever since.

she just launched her new collection under the name 'henderson dry goods'. it's been a long wait but we're so excited to finally have new pieces in. all pieces are laser cut walnut with 14k gold hardware.

filigree necklace, 150.

filigree earrings, 80.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

model tulips

all day i've been enjoying these beautiful tulips, a gift from the lovely andrea who spent saturday afternoon with genevieve, jessica and myself at bike works shooting see magazine's spring fashion special. it was fun, albeit terrifying, and i feel a full carrie bradshaw "i hope they know i know i'm not a model" type disclosure is in order. for the day, however, we all got to be models, and we had an excellent time doing it. it's nice being dolled up and fawned over and generally letting everyone else do everything for you (god forbid one lose a falsie). i could use a little more of that in my life.

as for the shoot itself, well, jessica and genevieve are kindof naturals, moi....not so much. let's just say i'm best left designing the clothes. nevertheless i'll try and post a few photos as soon as i get my hands on some. the issue should be out march 26 so make sure to check it out (dara and anna from loyal loot will be featured too!)

thanks again to andrea, you're sweet and our favorite. xo.

Friday, March 13, 2009


ok friends, you've been asking for many weeks now and our answer has always been 'not yet' but our spring eve gravel shipment has FINALLY arrived.

she's designed so many pretty dresses this season, some soft and perfect for a silent film ingenue, some playfully reminiscent of a 1960s summer boating trip, some femme fatale-ish and ideal for the work to cocktails transition. all beautiful, all feminine and all in-store now! just in time for some nice weather too.

we also have pants, tops, skirts, a jacket and a fabulous fringed vest from her. this weekend they're yours to swoon over so stroll down the ave and come check them out.