Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's State of Mind

Nokomis Silk Moth Dress in Black, on sale for $99
Noko Vintage Shoes, on sale for $19

Toodlebunny Pocahontas Necklace, $135 (10% off until Sunday!)
Toodlebunny Heart 'Egg' Cage, $80 (10% off)

Pyrrha Wisdom in Navy Pearl, $314 (10% off)

Maked Fountain Dress in Teal, on sale for $109
Noko Vintage Shoes, on sale for $19

Noko Pacific Silk Top in Olive, on sale for $59
Dagg&Stacey Edmund Trousers, on sale for $99
Noko Vintage Shoes, on sale for $19

Noko Harness Belt, on sale for $39
Dotted Loop Pirate Booty Bracelet, on sale for $50

Toodlebunny Disco Fever Earrings, $65 (10% off)

Lisbeth Vermeil Brushed Earrings, $79 (10% off)

Dace Annabelle Dress, on sale for $119
Noko Vintage Shoes, on sale for $19

We're in a New Year's state of mind here at Nokomis (note the reference to Tala's fav r&b singer, Alicia Keys). In preparation for the most frantic dress-up time of the year, we decided to do a little photoshoot featuring some of our favourite party looks for the eve. Of course, Alicia was playing in the background. Too bad we're not in New York watching the Discoball drop - the Blackdog will have to do. Tala will see you there! Happy New Year and party on!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I'm so excited I can barely sleep these days. One of my favourite days of the year is just around the corner, and no, it's not christmas. It's the first day of our Red Raven Sale!

Join us at 9 am on Boxing Day to kick start the deals. All merchandise is on sale. Clothing will be discounted up to 75% and jewelry and accessories will be up to 50% off. Not only will all of this seasons favourite pieces be discounted, but we're pulling out previous seasons goodies as well. You're in for a treat! (And considering you survived the holidays, I think you deserve a treat!).

We're open boxing day 9 - 6 pm!

See you soon and happy holidays!


christmas party!

sorry these photos took so long, i apparently needed a few days to recover (whew). anyway, our christmas party was a blast, lots of karaoke tunes, some dancing, and maybe a little drinking?

Saturday, December 19, 2009


from rosalind at eden lilly. xox.

7 year anniversary!

december 19th marks a special day in my life! seven years ago today i started working at nokomis. the shop had only been open for three months, and i was hired, temporarily, for the christmas season. but once i started, i was hooked. and seven years later, as now the owner of the shop, i still am. when i began, i was still finishing up my degree at the university of alberta (i had three more semesters), and had imagined myself moving away once i was done. but here i am, loving edmonton and all the opportunities that have come my way. i am so grateful for the support all of the community has shown nokomis. i feel blessed to walk into such a beautiful shop each and everyday and to meet so many lovely folks along the way. thank you.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

gift ideas! stocking stuffers!

well you gotta start with a stocking, we have lovely preloved stockings for 25.

bueno style locket earrings, 28

brazen 'loved' necklace, 100 (okay, maybe more a mr. & mrs. claus gift, rather than a stuffer)

bueno style ring, 28

smoking lily rhy alum wallet, 18

uppercase gallery notebook, 20

toodlebunny lil' bow locket earrings, 46

uppercase gallery pocket mirrors, 7

pyrrha initial pendants, 98

chateau gateaux teacup candle, 14

gift ideas! under $50 (uh, actually under $54)

veekee agenda, 54

smoking lily tea cozy, 52

smoking lily pj pants, 42

bueno style charm cluster, 48

biko owl pendant, 52

dotted loop bracelet, 50

smoking lily slippers, 42

preloved pillow, 54

contexture mobile, 50, (only one left!)