Tuesday, December 1, 2009

aahh december!

i can't believe december has rolled into town so quickly! blink and 2009 is going to be over! i'm slightly in panic mode, i haven't started christmas shopping yet. i just get so busy in the shop the few weeks before christmas, i find it challenging to squeeze in last minute shopping. my plan is to get it all done on my next day off. just walk in with a list and cross everything off. pfft, doubt it will happen, but we'll see. though i do have a big advantage, as i conveniently work in a place that has so many beautiful presents! we just got in lots of new items today. yana, from supyana, and her friend elaine make the most adorable little treasures, such a catnip, lip balm and tea cup candles.

chateau gateaux lip balm, in vanilla mint and rose mint. for only 4 dollars, they make great little stocking stuffers.

chateau gateaux organic catnip, which also comes with a cat toy inside too. my kittens, ginger and simone go ba-nanas for this stuff, i assure you any feline friendly pal of yours will get a kick out of it too, and it's only $10.

chateau gateaux tea cup candles, how adorable are these? i heart them! they are only $14, and i know they are not going to last long around here, so come in a snatch them up well you can.

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