Tuesday, December 8, 2009

astrosatchel bags!

we got in a few more astrosatchel bags for the holidays. these bags are great for the quirky gal in your life. they are adorable tote bags made from vinyl (vegan friendly!) that are perfect for carrying around library books, lunches, and lady-things.

there are two basic types of astrosatchel bags. one has a vinyl strap (made from the same material as the bag) which looks really pretty, but is non-adjustable. the other type has an adjustable strap, which is made from black webbing. all of the bags pictured below are with vinyl straps, and they run for $89 each and the adjustable ones go for $79. we have lots of both in the shop right now.

these bags always go quickly around the holidays, so pop in soon to get the best selection.

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