Wednesday, December 2, 2009

pre(LOVE)d presents

presents! ya! i'm getting pumped for my big shopping trip on friday, i think i can do it! just one big swoop. it helps that many many people on my list are getting these:

adorable preloved mittens, for 21. they are made from recycled sweaters, so each one is unique. they are even for guys and gals; my bf has two pairs. i guess i shouldn't be blogging about what i'm planning to buy, as certain individuals may be reading this blog, but well, at least they won't know which colour combo they are getting.

preloved also whipped up a few other lovely holiday presents that we have laying around the shop, including pillows, christmas stockings and aprons.

preloved violet pillow, 54

preloved holiday stocking, 25

preloved lolita apron, 34 (i know it's a weird photo, sorry, i was working with the self-timer, and honestly, this was the best one (i should do a post of all of the horrible photos that i manage to take of myself)). these aprons are made from recycled sheets, so like everything else preloved, they are all unique. anywho, hope that helps give you a few ideas for holiday presents.

also, pyrrha update, they are almost ready to ship our huge holiday order. yeah! it will be here by the send of next week, for suresies. so that means no special orders anymore, sadly, but i ordered tons and tons of necklaces, so i'm positive you will find one that will work out. if you did special order one, we'll be giving you a call in about a week!

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