Thursday, December 17, 2009

gift ideas! under $100

supayana parisenne shirt, 60 (it's dior! i heart this one)

norwegian wood fringe skirt, 100

nokomis vintage boots, 49

smoking lily calamity jane top, 58

nokomis lydia skirt, 104 (okay, not technically under 100, but close, right?)

nokomis vintage boots, 49

anna z wave print bag, 65

astrosatchel medium tote bag, 79

nokomis pony top, 69

henderson dry goods mirror pendant, 80

brazen spruce cone, 70

lisbeth eyes of horus, 75
lisbeth briolette w/ coins, 89

smoking lily cape of good hope, 98

and yes, that IS miranda modeling. that's my favourite part about christmas, all of the oldies coming back into town. tala is back in town too, her flight arrived last night! fun! and best part: noko dance party tonight. it's the christmas party this evening, and we're bringing back the old karaoke machine and we're going to belt out a few tunes. if we're well behaved enought i might be able to post a few photos of it for you.


Genevieve said...

yah!!!! i cannot wait. except i have some throat thing and i can't sing very well.

charlotte falk said...

I *wish* I could be there! Have fun tonight. xo