Monday, June 29, 2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009


here's a fun piece from our spring collection: the alfalfa short.
available in a pale blue japanese denim or a buff pink stretch twill, these pleated shorts are inspired by grandpa's cutoffs and false dreams of the hamptons. however you wear them they're super fun to romp around in and can be dressed up or down as the situation demands.

and, slightly off-topic, check out shane's awesome t-shirt in this next photo, i covet-y love it. farm boys rule. especially when they're getting married to our tara(!)

nokomis alfalfa short, on sale for $49

Friday, June 26, 2009


the soundtrack to a lifetime.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

!!! red raven !!!

holy CRAP!! tomorrow marks the first official day of our biannual red raven sale!

spring stock will be discounted by up to 50% and we're pulling goodies from the basement that you may not have seen in a few seasons. add to that studio samples, t-shirt misprints, the last of the hastings and main samples and past season american apparel shirts for super cheap & you've got yourself a party and a half (er. . . a sale)! doors open at ten and we'll be there with smiles on our faces.

we'll continue to offer special discounts and promotions throughout the next month too, though sales at nokomis get pretty crazy so no guarantee that the piece you've been eyeballing will still be around if you wait.

come down! super deals! super cute pieces from all your most beloved canadian designers!

can't wait to see you! so! many! exclamation! marks!!
xo, nokomis.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

jealous much?

so we've mentioned our practicum student, fiona, on the blog before. she is such a truly amazing girl and was a great help to us throughout the two months she was here. we were super sad when her time with us ended a week and a half ago--we just wanted to keep her forever and ever! but, as george harrison rightly said, all things must pass, and indeed fiona had to move on to new and exciting times.

ummm....namely her new york internship with zac motherfucking posen(!!!)

reading her blog today we noticed this twitter tidbit:

Finally met Zac Posen (who wore a shirt with red piping. so cute! so nice!)+Andre Leon Talley (who wore Juicy sweatpants. so different...)

can i just shout out a holy motherfuck?! (and i try to never swear on this blog) nice times fiona!

this guy:

and this guy:

all in one day. can you say score? and yes, andre IS seated next to the devil herself in this photo, that's what he does best. ok fiona, we're completely and officially jealous now, just in case you thought maybe we weren't before. despite that we wish you all the best and hope your time in NY is delightful and that you get to learn so much. have an amazing time and come tell us all about it when you get back.

xo, eliz & genevieve and everyone else at nokomis.

Monday, June 22, 2009

it's coming.....

soon.  stay tuned for details.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

street stylings

see magazine's third annual street style issue just hit the...wait for it...streets(!) and i've been enjoying looking at photos of friends and hopefully-soon-to-be-friends in their awesome get-ups. last year we were super lucky to have the shoot at nokomis. this year andrea did a great job orchestrating the photoshoot over at bamboo ballroom.
kudos to all who participated and check here to see a slideshow of the day.

the giving tree

my favourite tree of all!

stop by the shop to check out nokomis spring accessories.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

blue aster

our 'blue aster' is one of the girliest dresses we designed for spring.

made from a soft and sturdy bleached indigo chambray, it's super playful and totally pretty. the skirt is a full circle which makes twirling in the grass extra fun. the shoulder ties ensure maximum sun-kiss-ability and the oversize pockets let you store all your treasures: i like to pick up rocks, for instance.

pretty, sunny, fun and comfy, that's a quadruple threat!

nokomis 'blue aster dress', available at our shop or online for $180

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

here comes the sun, little darling

i know we've mentioned that alberta weather is weird. huge changes in temperature from day to day are normal. it can be absolutely pouring rain and the sun will still be shining full force. winter chinooks keep things warm and bright just hours before we're hit with a major snowfall and freeze. in the summertime you always know when a storm's coming cause we'll have a good three or four days of really hot sunny weather then *bam* thundershowers and a week of rain.

well, we just had a beautiful hot summer weekend . . . which means you know what's coming.

before it does though, here's jessica to bring us all a little sunshine.

dace 'elton top', $195 & nokomis 'alfalfa shorts', $120

dace 'faria top', $140 & cici 'lucy shorts', $109

league of lovers 'feather dress', $398

and in a few days i'll bring the rain.

Friday, June 12, 2009

idolatry part c)

the peerless goddess of the nokomis studio...
lower your eyes and curtsey my friends, you're in celestial company:

and perhaps don't attempt 'babooshka' at karaoke like i did - it's just not gonna happen.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

young grasshopper

have we mentioned lately how much fun jessica, tara, laurel and i had shooting our spring collection? looking back at these photos of tara wearing the 'grasshopper' dress (now *finally* in store) i'm reminded of what an absolutely perfect summer day that was.

it's supposed to be beautiful this weekend too . . . perhaps we'll have a repeat of sweet days past? maybe i'll wear a feather in my hair.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

birthday suit

today is genevieve's 25th birthday! she's officially joined the mid-20s club (which i pretend i'm still a part of but i'm not, really). congratulations friend, we hope you have the most wonderful day.

what do you think she should wear for a fancy dinner out with her lover tonight?

nokomis 'yarrow' camisole, $120; preloved 'dolce' skirt, $169; mono strand backpack, $169

dace 'penner' dress, $224; myrtle and pearls fringe necklace, $50

nokomis 'dusk' dress, $220; ashley watson 'shell' clutch, $160; la raffinerie embroidered necklace, $65

nokomis 'grasshopper' dress, $205; ashley watson 'brant' bag, $340; pyrrha 'peace and love' pearl necklace, $258

nokomis 'cobweb' dress, $108; nokomis 'bridle' belt, $95; mono 'knotted scarf', $60; la raffinerie 'pieces' necklace, $75; nokomis 'bicycle' bag

my vote is definitely for this last outfit. looking good birthday girl!

Friday, June 5, 2009

know what today is?

it's the first day of the first camping trip of the season! both genevieve and i leave today (albeit to different destinations) for a weekend of hotdogs, campfires, frisbee and cheap beer. i don't know about her but i'll certainly be romping around in our ridiculously whimsical 'clover jumper' the whole time. though i think i'm going to wear the pale blue/grey version.

and i pray the weather gods acquiesce. please oh please no rain.

great outdoors here we come!

nokomis 'clover jumper', $120, seen here with nokomis 'harness belt', $80, and patent pink 'gillespie bag', $330.