Tuesday, June 23, 2009

jealous much?

so we've mentioned our practicum student, fiona, on the blog before. she is such a truly amazing girl and was a great help to us throughout the two months she was here. we were super sad when her time with us ended a week and a half ago--we just wanted to keep her forever and ever! but, as george harrison rightly said, all things must pass, and indeed fiona had to move on to new and exciting times.

ummm....namely her new york internship with zac motherfucking posen(!!!)

reading her blog today we noticed this twitter tidbit:

Finally met Zac Posen (who wore a shirt with red piping. so cute! so nice!)+Andre Leon Talley (who wore Juicy sweatpants. so different...)

can i just shout out a holy motherfuck?! (and i try to never swear on this blog) nice times fiona!

this guy:

and this guy:

all in one day. can you say score? and yes, andre IS seated next to the devil herself in this photo, that's what he does best. ok fiona, we're completely and officially jealous now, just in case you thought maybe we weren't before. despite that we wish you all the best and hope your time in NY is delightful and that you get to learn so much. have an amazing time and come tell us all about it when you get back.

xo, eliz & genevieve and everyone else at nokomis.

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Anonymous said...

how very exciting! Good to know you guys are such a glorious and fortuitous jumping off point! I'm down on the ave tomorrow - will stop by to say hello. And seriously, a hat? mwah.