Friday, June 5, 2009

know what today is?

it's the first day of the first camping trip of the season! both genevieve and i leave today (albeit to different destinations) for a weekend of hotdogs, campfires, frisbee and cheap beer. i don't know about her but i'll certainly be romping around in our ridiculously whimsical 'clover jumper' the whole time. though i think i'm going to wear the pale blue/grey version.

and i pray the weather gods acquiesce. please oh please no rain.

great outdoors here we come!

nokomis 'clover jumper', $120, seen here with nokomis 'harness belt', $80, and patent pink 'gillespie bag', $330.


Alicia said...

Great jumper! You did a beautiful job on the photos for this collection.

Sara said...

Don't forget the sunflower seeds!

nokomis said...

ah man sara! we totally forgot the sunflower seeds. that's why we need you to come along next time to remind us.

alicia, thanks! all spring photos are by the amazing laurel westlund (who really needs a website).