Monday, June 1, 2009

shop day!

it's been a bit of quiet monday, which i always dread. quiet shop = personal shopping party for jessica! we got in new stock today, including pyrrha. check out this beautiful seal:

it's the two eagles crest, which reads: 'while i breathe, i hope' ($158).

new Maked came in today too (and while it's been a slow day, we've managed to sell two Maked dresses already!). i had ordered two of her dresses for myself as they are the dreamy-ist summer dresses. they make me want to jump on my bike, peddle to the park with pals and play a game of soccer-baseball, followed by pints at the garneau pub. best of all, one of the dresses is lilac! just like my bike!

since i'm all by my lonesome, this photoshoot comes to you via photobooth, featuring the Maked angle dress (available in lilac and black, $168), and the Anna de Courcy spoon necklace (okay, this one is actually mine, but we have one just like it at the shop for $240).

we got in a few different styles of dresses from Maked, but only 2 per colour way, so come by soon to check them out!

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Victoire said...

your bike is lilac?! that sounds so cuper cute! mine is a colour called "champagne", ie. a frosty kinda pink