Wednesday, June 17, 2009

blue aster

our 'blue aster' is one of the girliest dresses we designed for spring.

made from a soft and sturdy bleached indigo chambray, it's super playful and totally pretty. the skirt is a full circle which makes twirling in the grass extra fun. the shoulder ties ensure maximum sun-kiss-ability and the oversize pockets let you store all your treasures: i like to pick up rocks, for instance.

pretty, sunny, fun and comfy, that's a quadruple threat!

nokomis 'blue aster dress', available at our shop or online for $180


Anonymous said...

no foolin', I really love the feather headdress. to infinity.and the dress. xo

nokomis said...

hey, we still got those! if you want, let us know.

Anonymous said...

you know I'd never take it off right? and you'd see me in the bar with it on? And grocery shopping? ;-) Come see you soon. xo