Wednesday, June 24, 2009

!!! red raven !!!

holy CRAP!! tomorrow marks the first official day of our biannual red raven sale!

spring stock will be discounted by up to 50% and we're pulling goodies from the basement that you may not have seen in a few seasons. add to that studio samples, t-shirt misprints, the last of the hastings and main samples and past season american apparel shirts for super cheap & you've got yourself a party and a half (er. . . a sale)! doors open at ten and we'll be there with smiles on our faces.

we'll continue to offer special discounts and promotions throughout the next month too, though sales at nokomis get pretty crazy so no guarantee that the piece you've been eyeballing will still be around if you wait.

come down! super deals! super cute pieces from all your most beloved canadian designers!

can't wait to see you! so! many! exclamation! marks!!
xo, nokomis.

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