Tuesday, June 16, 2009

here comes the sun, little darling

i know we've mentioned that alberta weather is weird. huge changes in temperature from day to day are normal. it can be absolutely pouring rain and the sun will still be shining full force. winter chinooks keep things warm and bright just hours before we're hit with a major snowfall and freeze. in the summertime you always know when a storm's coming cause we'll have a good three or four days of really hot sunny weather then *bam* thundershowers and a week of rain.

well, we just had a beautiful hot summer weekend . . . which means you know what's coming.

before it does though, here's jessica to bring us all a little sunshine.

dace 'elton top', $195 & nokomis 'alfalfa shorts', $120

dace 'faria top', $140 & cici 'lucy shorts', $109

league of lovers 'feather dress', $398

and in a few days i'll bring the rain.


jessica said...

CNTM, here i come!!

Bree said...

Like that Hella Jongerius for Ikea vase/pot you have there! I remember when those came in I wanted one so bad but didn't have the dough



Anonymous said...

you look so pretty jessica! love the yellow dress.

Anonymous said...

nice legs.