Wednesday, September 10, 2008

more beautiful fall

nokomis 'charlie sweater', $79 and 'budapest skirt', $98 with cinder and smoke purse, $110 and lizbot feather hairpiece, $38 worn as brooch

eve gravel 'love wars jacket', $280 with dagg and stacey 'mollusk skirt', $169 and nokomis 'mira top', $108

dagg and stacey 'mollusk skirt', $169 and nokomis 'mira top', $108

eve gravel 'motto motto dress', $225 with nokomis 'square purse', $152

lily and jae 'bedford coat', $249 over dace 'suzanna tunic', $216 with brave brown bag, $150

lily and jae 'broadway blouse', $135 and majolie 'debardour vest', $115 with eve gravel 'barely legal skirt', $119 lisbeth 'black onyx necklace', $89 and brave brown bag, $130

preloved 'butterfield skirt', $139 with serendipity 'lily top', $64 and nokomis 'lady purse', $216

dace 'suzanna tunic', $216 under sunjalink 'gathered skirt', $164 with smoking lily 'silk ascot', $52 and nokomis 'heathcliff purse', $242

nokomis 'thora dress', $164 and 'bonsai purse', $200 with mizdragonfly 'pico necklace', $88

chulo pony 'milla cardigan', $160 worn over lily and jae 'keele dress', $165 and eve gravel 'birkin top', $95 with brave brown bag, $110

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