Thursday, April 30, 2009

tweet tweet

sorry for dropping off the face of the blog planet. trips to vancouver and forgetting one's camera make for lousy blog posts! we're back now though, better than ever, or will be soon at least.

in the meantime, we're twitting! (tweeting? twating? twit twats?). so if you're dying to know what we're up to right! now! come follow us on twitter, ok?



rachel said...

Vancouver, huh? I've been looking for a few places to shop in Vancouver, preferably downtown, as that is where I'll be staying in 2 weeks. Eugene Choo, Hum and Dream have been pretty popular so far...any suggestions? I appreciate it!

Victoire said...

omg we were just gonna join twitter too! tyl! (twitter you later!)

mary. said...

you could check out pictures of yourself (and ones of vancouver from when you weren't even present) if you want