Wednesday, April 22, 2009

shoes news

jessica's a star when it comes to finding amazing vintage shoes. i have, like, 5 pairs in my closet alone that are the result of her keen eye. lucky for us (and you!) she's just brought in a whole bunch of knockout shoes, booties and boots. here's a taste of what we've got in store; as always, shoes are $25, short booties $35 and boots are $49. you'll just have to wander down to the shop to see the other amazing styles we've got in store.

these last ones are dude shoes and say 'made in england' which makes me think they might be carnaby street orginals. so... if you know a stylish dude with 9/9.5 feet make sure you send him our way!


Anonymous said...

Oh my god. I want those brown boots. I want them bad. I'll be in this weekend. *drool*

miss vanilli said...

Man, those men's boots are hot. They're like my boots, but original shit.

nokomis said...

i know miss vanilli! they are so hot. and we got some ladies white booties that scream you, but thank god you're in tee-dot or else you'd be broke. (and see you this weekend mieletcannelle! try and come by saturday afternoon, i want to see you!)



Victoire said...

omg, those brown lace-up ones are amazing! lucky for mieletcannelle i'm in Ottawa, or else I'd be by Saturday MORNING to scoop them up right from under her!

Anonymous said...

Fighting words! I tried them on.. too small. Too much pain. Not going to lie.. thought about braving the pain. Missed you Jess!