Monday, April 20, 2009

monday outfit

mondays are confusing... do i love my job? yes. do i want to be at work? no. do i want to live a glamorous outgoing lifestyle? yes. do i want to do anything other than go home and eat cake at the end of the day? no.

on mondays i want it all, a little butter silk, a little black leather.

nokomis 'dusk dress' 210

complex geometries 'silk square scarf' 80

nokomis patent leather 'gillespie bag' 395

buenostyle 'locket earrings' 28

nokomis vintage booties 35


charlotte falk said...

what size are those boots?!

nokomis said...

like, 9? 9.5? i'll have to check for sure tomorrow and get back to you.

Victoire said...

But also watch the hills, right?!

I am so excited for our Nokomis delivery!

nokomis said...

victoire: the hills? really? i'm more of a GG girl, though reading about speidi on perez is one of the highlights of my evenings. and your shipment should arrive soon! hooray!

charlotte: those boots say 9.5ish but they fit jessica--do you want one of us to bring them to vancouver next week? (we're both going but not at the same time, silly us)

charlotte falk said...

wait, you guys are coming to Vancouver next week?!? I need details!

Also... 9.5 is probably too big... plus I forgot that I a) do not have a job and b) do not have any money....

nokomis said...

yes! raymond and i will be visiting my sis saturday and sunday then working monday and tuesday and jessica arrives as soon as i leave. wanna hang or what?

charlotte falk said...

yes please! I'm currently unemployed, school-free and can't wait to see you both!