Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ursa minor

let's all let out a collective sigh of relief. ursa minor has finally arrived in the shop! i know there has been a lot of anticipation about elizabeth hudson's collection arriving! so hurry your butts in and check out these beautiful styles.

elizabeth moved to montreal this summer and has been slaving away in her new studio. as the former designer (and co-owner) of nokomis, she knows what you ladies like. and she knows how to make pieces work on a body. these are two classic styles that will be in your wardrobe for years (if you can manage to ever take them off).

ursa minor wool blazer, 242 available in sizes small and medium

ursa minor grey wool tabard, 110, two available (they are one size fits most)

{EDIT: tabard's are SOLD OUT! record time! don't fret, i'm sure elizabeth can make us some more. i'll keep you posted.}

all images are courtesy of the ursa minor blog.


Ana said...

I am sooo excited! Thanks again guys. <3

nokomis said...

thank you, ana! glad you scooped it up! xox.

nokomis said...

okay, we're receiving two more grey ones and two navy ones in about 1-2 weeks time! email me if you want me to call you when they arrive.

Victoire said...

I think our Tabard's are all gone too, and our jackets! hot stuff! (confession, one of the jackets was sold to me as soon as it came in but still!)

Ana said...

@Nokomis: Oooh. Although the navy is enticing, I think I'll just happily stick with my grey one for now. Thankees again. <3