Saturday, October 23, 2010

party o'clock!

a big thank you to meghan and trudy for coming to edmonton for the Trunk Show party! it was such an honour to have them on our shop for the evening. and a big thank you to all of those who made it out! here are a few photos of the evening (okay, pre-party, cause once the party starts, i'm party mode and i space the camera):

here's trudy setting up her table, and, below, the final (blurry, sorry) results:

and check out this master piece:

meghan also have tons of treasures:

and my mom's rice krispie squares were a hit!

since trudy and meghan had slugged all of their treasures here, i decided to keep a few around for you! we got lots more toodles earrings along with a handful more of toodlebunny necklaces. meghan also left behind a few styles that we had already sold out of:

dru's M.I.A. top, 80

dru's G.I. cardigan, 95

and one more brand new holiday sweater too (it's pictured above on the mannequin in front of her rolling rack (95)). come in soon to scoop them up!


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