Tuesday, November 16, 2010

party o'clock!

Join us on Friday November 19th, from 4-9 pm for a Thank You Party. We've made it another year thanks to your support. Merci. In honour of you, there will be wine and treats (CAKE!), also, all regular priced stock will be on sale! It's one of those 'draw for your discount', and you will get at least 15% off, but a few lucky ones will get 30% or even 50% off their purchase! Yeah!

And, best of all, we are debuting our Nokomis Holiday Line! Pillows! Tea Cup Candles! Silk Screen Hoodies! Get a head start on holiday shopping (or at least pick up a few things for yourself. A good ratio when buying for others: one gift for them/one gift for you).

We should even have a few holiday dresses in from local sweetheart Maked!

So, uh, basically: fun! party! wine! merci!

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