Thursday, April 29, 2010


the noko gals hadn't had a get together since our killer karaoke party in december. we were due for a little gathering, especially with two new recruits under our belt, along with a pending sad goodbye to adeline, who has given us two and half years of service (she's moving on up to toronto (the city that has taken 3 other of my noko gals)).

kristena has been harassing me about langano skies, a local ethopian restrautant where i spend most of my eat out budget. kristena and i both love love love langano, so we though we'd take the other girls there to try it out. so on sunday night we gathered for dinner, to do both a meet and greet as well as a thank you, goodbye, we'll miss you. sadly, ms. kristena came down ill that day and missed out on the celebrations. we were going to try and photoshop her into the photos, but, well, that's just beyond my photoshop skill level.

the yummiest food in the world, everyone agreed

ms. amanda and a mango shake

maegan, our newest newbie, dishing up some ice for our unchilled wine

the lovely emilia, and A MANGO SHAKE! good god, they were tasty

and since ethopian is a bit messy to eat, we'll skip to the end of the meal, and our dessert/entertainment:

Adeline was feeling lucky . . .

while maegan was a bit confused

after shitty luck, no one won, we headed over to the empress for a pint (or two)

this was supposed to be 'funny faces' but apparently only amanda and i got the memo.

next up, shots, thanks to the lovely victoria at the empress

the two on the left were for adeline and i: lime juice! (though it is apparent who was taking the tequila shots by the following photos)

this picture doesn't really do it justice, but maegan has monkey arms. she used to get made fun of it in volleyball, apparently, and she wanted to demonstrate to us their length. they basically touched her knees. it was weird. come in and check it out sometime (FYI, she's away in disney land till the middle of may, lucky duck).

we missed kristena greatly that evening, though we did managed to have a fun time. i always love noko family time, even when it's to say goodbye. best of luck adeline, we're all wishing you success in toronto! xox.

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