Tuesday, April 20, 2010

erin templeton

new erin templeton bags arrived late last week and we finally had a chance to shoot some pictures of them. erin templeton is based out of vancouver and she makes the most glorious leather bags. i scooped one up last season, a tote bag from the whiskey leather, and honest to god i have never cherished a bag more than my ET bag. it could use a little clean up (a leather conditioner or a leather cleaner will do the trick), but i still love it! check out our new arrivals:

bitch bag, black, 349

large tote bag, olive, 365 (we also received a medium tote bag in black, 325)

good girl bag, whiskey, 185

bailey bag, chocolate, 335

medium palooka bag, whiskey, 325 (also available is small palooka in chocolate, 259 and a medium palooka in black)

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