Friday, April 30, 2010

wolfe & dace

check out our latest dress form! a friend of mine scooped it up for a sweet sweet deal and passed it along to me. it's a vintage wolfe dress form, which i have been eyeing up on ebay for years. finally, one to call our own! our dress form collection has almost doubled in the last few months. i worry i am beginning a "dress form collection", though really, who better to have a dress form collection than a retail store, right? we have 4 in total for the window displays, and we currently have 4 dress forms on the floor, plus two table top mannequins. 10 is a good number, right?

collapsible arms!

and while i was shooting the newbie dress form, i though i might as well shoot the newest dace pieces, too.

dace monet dress, indigo, 195
(we also got a really similar style, called the caressa dress, which is in the stripe fabric, for 195)

dace brie top, 144, also available in cream

dace ismay dress, 225, also available in black (i heart this dress! i wore it on a hot date to culina this past weekend and felt like a million bucks. can't wait to wear it again, once the rain goes away)

dace alix top, 99

with the new dress form, i guess this means i have one less excuse to head to the antique mall weekly, though i'm confident i can create numerous new excuses. new table? new props? new cake tray?

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