Monday, May 3, 2010

pyrrha, my heart is yours

leaf, 129
lion, 129
love and friendship, 129
my life as a prayer, 172
bee, 108 (available in silver and bronze)

scissors, 115 (in bronze)

fox head, 154 (in silver and bronze)

love conquers all, 139 (in bronze)

mini fleur de lis shield, 94

anchor, 139 (in silver and also available in a bronze ring, 184)

plus a gazillion more at the store (we have over 50 pieces in stock), including the initals (all 119):

'K' available in bronze
'N' available in bronze'E' available in bronze
'A' available in bronze

1 comment:

Tala Kamea said...

Droool. I love Pyrrha. How amazing would it be to own them all... One day.