Saturday, May 8, 2010

lily lily bo-lily

just a wee taste of a few smoking pieces that we got in this week (cause the last shipment lasted for, oh, maybe 2 days)

cape of good hope, 98 (three available, one each of the green, black and grey)

calamity jane top, in the navy bunnies (cute cute cute), only 58 bucks too, so super awesome

deep pocket dress, 130

new market dress (we have it in really pretty bright blue), only 82 bucks!


Anonymous said...

i can't believe that after 7 (or more?!) years, those capes are still flying off the shelf...

nokomis said...

i know, i know! c-razy! also, the price only ever changed once, about 5 years ago. a very consistent style, to say the least.