Wednesday, May 19, 2010

S.O.S.: Osei-Duro

The lovely ladies of Osei-Duro need your help! Maryanne and Molly have entered a contest with Flipp, a Calgary based advertising agency. Osei-Duro was narrowed down to a finalist with 5 other businesses. The winner will receive 50K of advertising and marketing provided by Flipp. A-mazing! For a small, but growing, business this is an amazing offer that will have such a huge impact on them. Each week the business with the fewest votes gets illuminated. It's down to three businesses, eek, and Osei-Duro is in there. So click here and vote. It's very simple, just enter your email address, and you'll probably want to unclick the box that asks to send you info, and voila done. But, you probably have more than one email address, right? So use them all! And then check back in a weeks time, and do the same if Osei-Duro is still around. My fingers are crossed!


Alex P said...


Adeline said...

Yay! Alex!

Okay Jess, I voted. Just for you....and Osei-Duro.

nokomis said...

thanks pals! xox.