Friday, May 28, 2010

the art and craft of mono

our last two designs from mono arrived for the season! drool.

mono frayed scarf, 119, bone (we only received two)

mono frayed spanned dress, 299, mauve, one size fits most (we only got in one!)

both pieces have been hand distressed and are made of 100% tencel. and both pieces are so gorgeous, i get shivers just walking by them in the shop.


Buffy Leigh said...

Oh no! I have to work this evening and can't make it in to snatch up the dress. I'm sure these will go super fast. mono + tencel = perfection.

nokomis said...

you're cute! we're open 10-6 on saturday and 12-5 on sunday. and it has been so freakin' slow (thanks to the weather) that i bet it will still be here for you to try on! xox.