Friday, May 14, 2010


our teal green cloth bags are handy for many reasons. they make great lunch bags, especially bulky tupperware lunches, like the ones i tend to bring to work with me. they are also perfect for trips to the library. and they make packing luggage a lot easier. shoes in one, socks in another, and then i pack a few empty ones with me for dirty laundry. oh, and they are easy to tuck into your purse, so you can pull them out at other local shops and have an environmentally friendly bag option. they basically make everyones life easier, agreed?

well i recently found a new use for them: BABY ENTERTAINERS!

my 6 month old nephew visited me at the shop this week, and, man, he sure was impressed with the cloth bags. his eyes lit up whenever i would dangle one in his face.

though his favourite part was the handle. he basically sucked the life out it. SO CUTE! BABIES!

oh, isaac, i wonder if you will still like hanging out in a ladies clothing shop in a few more years? i guess by then your older sister will be working here, so maybe together we'll be able to entertain you. until then, you are welcome to as many bag straps as you wish. xox.