Friday, May 28, 2010

may markdowns!

as i mentioned last friday, i got a little antsy for the red raven sale and marked down a few styles in the shop. and by few, i mean 20 clothing styles and about 10 ashley watson bags. i finally had some time to shoot a few photos of some of the sale stuff for you (thanks rain, i guess you are good for something, after all (besides, you know, keeping farms and gardens happy)).

so, here are a few select pieces that are on sale, right now!

rita di cesare gwyneth dress, regular 230, sale: 179

lily & jae belle bomber, regular 218, sale: 169

allison wonderland granville blazer, regular 169, sale: 99

birds of north america artic tern, regular 220, sale: 169

serendipity grace kelly dress, regular 400, sale: 249

ashley watson finch, regular 420, sale: 249

ashley watson brant bag, regular 340, sale: 199

ashley watson martin duffle, regular 520, sale 320

ashley watson linnet, regular 400, sale: 249 (also available in navy, and HOT PINK (and the hot pink one is super on sale: 199)


sik.addixtion said...

Hi Nokomis,

Do you still have the ashley watson finch?

nokomis said...

we do!

Amanda said...

Hi! Just wondering if you might have the allison wonderland granville blazer in a size 12 equivalent?

nokomis said...

allison wonderland just does sizes 2-10, though i do have a size 10 in stock if you wish to come down and try it on.