Tuesday, May 11, 2010

flora & fauna

now that summer is soon on its way, it's time for new window displays! this was mainly spurred on by the fact that i want my lavender bike back (it was sitting in the window a part of the previous display). so last night, i snuck into the shop and switched things up.

these white vases are always all over the shop (and my home), so i though i would put them to good use.

i was originally going to by those fake birds that sit in wreaths, but then i found the most beautiful sheets of paper. i couldn't resist. i found a cute bird 'pattern' online and grabbed the scissors and glue.

then i started to place the flowers and birds:

oh, and this was a big inspiration as well:

it was one of my (not so bright) first purchases when elizabeth and i got the new space (almost 3 years ago!). i mean it's obviously beautiful and adds character to the shop, spending $160 on 'decor' when new flooring and new racks had to be purchased . . . oh well! c'est la vie! i'm putting it to good use now, right?

then i picked out outfits:

anastasia lomonova sophie dress, 250
biko heart locket, 69

birds of north america wren dress, 195

then, next step, throw it all together, with a few accessories:

and voila:

new windows! plus my bike back! win-win!


Victoire said...

Sooo pretty!! We might have to borrow this idea one day...We remerchandised too today, lots of fake flowers too, super girly & springy! And Katie's re-doing the windows this week too! We'll try and post pics too, I love when you do these posts!

Tala Kamea said...

Looks real lovely Jess! Nicely done... I'm dreaming of visiting this summer and checking out your handiwork first hand...

nokomis said...

thanks guys! i find the idea of windows so stressful, but once i have a concept, it's actually really fun! and i'm happy with how they turned out too. guess i just need to take a chill pill sometimes (though we all already know that, ha ha).

Fiona said...

Love the paper birds, Jessica! xo