Friday, May 7, 2010

hey georgie! hey you!

the 2nd issue of georgie magazine arrived in the shop this week. my favorite spread HAPPENS to feature a piece from nokomis (serendipity grace kelly dress, 400) and just HAPPENS to have beautiful illustrations from my pal cordelia. i'm fairly inept at modern technology, so i just took a photobooth snap shot, so you could get the feel for it.

we have tons of free copies at the shop, and they are other fine retailers around the city.

pretty, huh? it even inspired me for our new window displays that should get installed next week. it's going to also feature our beautiful bird cage that just sits quietly in the corner. i'm excited to put it all together next week (and reclaim my bike which is currently in the window! watch out for me cruising around town starting late next week!).

also, sorry i've been such an irregular blogger lately. i think the snow really dampened my spirits this week, but hopefully it will all melt super fast and we'll be back to the summer-awesome-summer game plan.

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