Tuesday, May 18, 2010

hot hot hot

man, it's going to be a scorcher out there today. maybe you should pick up a copy of fashion magazine's summer issue before you head outside to soak in the sun.

sarah jessica parker is on the outside. and jessica grace kennedy is on the inside! (well, not a picture or anything, but a quote!)

there's a tiny interview with me about my love for mercy clothing! (page 178)

or else, if you're stuck behind a computer all day, you can always check out the article online.

and, hey! look! new chair! an antique chair made from the EXACT SAME mint velvet that our couches are made from! and it's my uncles! i think the universe loves nokomis right now. we love you too, universe. xox.


Alex P said...

Way to go! So good to get some solid print publicity!

Adeline said...

I had the pleasure of ripping this out of the magazine for work. I was super excited to see your feature!