Monday, May 31, 2010

Things I Love

1) This blog: Summer Goals, by Anne and Christie, who document their goals for summer 2010. Which include: "spending all of our time at the river, having impromptu barbecues, wind-blown hair, and doing crosswords at cafes" (and thankfully sharing all of this with the rest of the world). Get inspired for summer. We've had a terribly long wait, but I can feel it, it's coming.

2) I need this coat. It beckons me. It's perfect for walks in the rain, camping adventures to Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park, and Penticton. I know, I know, Penticton, it's hotter than Hades, right? I try and make it there every summer, and it always rains cats and dogs. This coat is going to be perfect for sitting a the beach, with the grey sky looming and the brisk breeze in my face.

Allison Wonderland Jericho coat, 256

And check out the most adorable lining:

3) I was at a beautiful music show the Rutherford House last week (Yes! The Rutherford House, a-maz-ing!) and I now have two albums that I cannot stop listening too. The first is Giraffedactyl, by local songstress Megan James. She sang and played the piano in the sitting room, and I couldn't think of anything more appropriate for that room. She has a free download for her EP, 'Yes, We'll Glow', which you can find here. ('See Monster 'and 'Silk Spindles' are my fav's).

Bronze Leaf also played (and I picked up their album at the show), and, again, album on repeat (specifically 'Shell' and 'Text Exit'). Composed of three local musicians, Amy McDonald (who, like so many people I know, is sadly moving to Montreal), Matthew Israelson, and superstar Eric Cheng. Here is their myspace page, and you can also read all about their recent tour adventures here. Both albums come highly recommended from moi. And are local, to boot!

4) Free documentaries! (Especially in this weather!). PBS Frontline has loads of new programs to watch, online. (For those 54 minutes you have to wait after watching 72 minutes on Megavideo). I recently watched 'College, Inc.' about the growing for-profit sector of higher education. I'm talking about investors who pour money into failing colleges and universities, then make them public and make major profits. These colleges and universities usually cater to non-traditional students (ie. aren't necessarily prepared for post-secondary financially or academically) and rely heavily on financial aid (which is the only kind of debt that you cannot 'lose' when you declare bankruptcy). 10% of students attend for-profit schools, but they account for 25% of financial aid (and within three years 44% of for-profit students default on their loans). Anyway, I could go on and on. It's a thought provoking documentary, one that will make you appreciate your Canadian education just a little bit more.

5) The necklace by This Ilk, makes me heart swoon every time I walk past it at the shop. The colours, the length, and the design are all perfect. And it's only $44, so that's kinda perfect too.

This Ilk 'Athena Heliconia' Necklace, 44

'Things I Love' will be a monthly addition to the noko blog (this counts as May, so they'll be one for June too!). It will be a collection of things I covet, adore, dance to, consume and hold dear to my heart. Stay tuned for more.


nokomis said...

P.S. thanks to my FB pals for sharing 'Summer Goals'!

summer said...

and thanks to you for sharing it with the rest of the internet!

even as the rain saturates portland tonight, we're feeling hopeful that our weekend will soon be spent by the river.