Sunday, May 23, 2010

Make It!

Heads up! Next weekend is gonna be super fun! We're sponsoring Make It - The Handmade Revolution. It's a craft fair featuring Canadian designers and artistans (so kinda like a traveling Nokomis! They have shows in Vancouver and Calgary, as well). It's over at the Alberta Aviation Museum on Kingsway Ave. It's on both the Saturday and Sunday (May 29-30), and it's only $5 bucks to get in. But, I can get you in for free! Just shoot me an email, mail (@) and you can win two tickets. I'll be giving away tickets to 3 lucky blog readers (so 6 tickets in total), just the first three readers to do that will win. I'm taking my mother's advice, keep it simple, silly.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to this event. Maybe you could even stop at Duchess on your way there and grab some tastey treats? Sounds dreamy. Hopefully the weather will be more . . . summery, next weekend.

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nokomis said...

the free tickets are gone! thanks for the emails, pals! see you there! xox.