Friday, April 16, 2010


i've gotten some great pieces for myself this season (i need something to wear, right?). but i just realized the other day that i don't have any dresses! i have tops and blouses and jeans and leggings, but nada for dresses. how ridiculous is that? i am going to have to rectify the situation. here are a few options:

dru's soloist onesie, 125 (okay, okay, totally not a dress, but friggin' cute, nonetheless)

allison wonderland picnic dress, 195

bodybag suspend dress, 169

eve gravel pretty woman dress, 205

eve gravel lou dress, 185

eeeii, i just don't know! maybe i'll wait and see what's left after the weekend? it's going to so beautiful out (actually, it is really beautiful out!). bike rides!

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Buffy Leigh said...

oh weird! I have a dress from an etsy seller (desira pesta) made from the exact fabric of the allison wonderland dress. It's the perfect spring/summer print, so that one gets my vote. :)