Thursday, April 8, 2010


spring is in the air, and, in honour, we are having a spring contest! two lucky contestants will walk away with a lily & jae tote bag (special ones! we don't even have these for sale in our shop! jude from lily & jae gave them to us, aren't we lucky?!) and a lily & jae long scarf (in either teal or papaya, your call). and we'll also throw in a $30 gift certificate for each winner too, so you can grab a pair of vintage shoes or maybe some earrings to round out your new spring accessories.

lily and jow long scarf, $19

wanna know what you have to do? it's easy! in the comments section, link us to something that SCREAMS spring to you. be it a photograph, a song, a movie clip, something that when you see or hear, your heart goes thud thud, spring is here!

there's a 90's song that does it for me:

and remember to leave something that identifies its you, such as a first name and last initial, if you don't have a blogger account. contest runs until monday night, at midnight, and i'll announce the winners on wednesday april 14th. have fun hunting! can't wait to be inspired. xox.


Julie said...
I can almost taste it!

Dress Me Dearly said...

sooo pretty!

Christel said...

Reminds me of going for walks with my Dad in the early spring when I was a kid.

emily said...

this song always makes me smile and think of spring!

emily d
arithmoquine (at) gmail (dot) com

nokomis said...

thanks for all the links, pals!