Saturday, November 8, 2008

shop local!

hey, did you know that november is 'shop local first' month? well, according to keep edmonton original it is. their website has a bunch of links to great local restaurants, shops and galleries including some of our favorite places to visit in edmonton such as earth's general store, lux beauty boutique, and the alberta craft council.

they also highlight a few perks of shopping local such as the fact that $100 spent in a locally owned business generates about $48 worth of local economic activity, whereas $100 spent in a global retailer generates a measly $13.
according to them (and us too!!) "independent business stimulates the local economy, creates jobs, sets trends and supports the community. locally owned and operated enterprises bring diversity and strength to our city's economy and character."

"it may be 'just shopping' but being a consumer who thinks local first hugely impacts jobs, the environment, community wellbeing and much more."

ain't it the truth.

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