Sunday, November 2, 2008

shopping on the job

i don't get to work in the store very often anymore, once every few months really so it's kindof a pleasure when i actually get to spend time on the floor, talking with customers and touching all the beautiful things we have in store.

i love spending time in our shop, especially now that it's nearly our first birthday in the new space. it brings me right back to this time last year when jessica and i were spending late night after late night wondering if the flooring would be put in on time, obsessing about light fixtures and realizing that, no, no matter how hard we tried we'd never be able to affix shelving to a wall that has a 100-year old bank vault on the other side.

today was my first day working in the store in a very long time and i've suddenly remembered one of the perils of spending extended periods of time here. after the customers have been helped, the floor swept, bags sewn and clothing racks straightened, during that time when no one's around and your tasks are mostly finished it's very easy to i mean i'm only human right? and what's a girl to do when surrounded by beautiful clothes for hours on end? it just seems so natural.

anyway, here's some gems i've picked out to try on (again) when the store closes in an hour.

juma 'placket top', $140

dace 'joanie poncho', $275

sunjalink 'dart long coat', $396

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