Monday, November 24, 2008

dance card full

it's getting to be that time of year again, the season we find ourselves sudden-social-butterflies who attend parties galore on a regular basis. there's just something about the holiday season that makes one want to drink/dance/eat/party and, of course, dress-up more. there are so many occasions to dress your best over the next month - work parties, dinner with friends, family get-togethers, drunken blowouts with buddies, new year's champagne brunches, new year's eve galas, new year's day hangover breakfasts in style....the list goes on.

we picked just a few of our favorite could-be holiday dresses to show off and start getting you inspired.
nokomis silk 'cendrillon' dress, $179

genki storm purse, $280

myrtle and pearls feather earrings, $30

jex feather necklace, $54

dace 'josie dress', $220

nokomis 'lady purse', $216

lizbot earrings, $24

biko designs locket, $69

jude 'texture' dress, $219

nokomis leather/velvet 'granny purse', $189

biko designs 'chain wrap', $89

lisbeth 'pear-drop earrings', $89

nokomis 'simone dress', $140

brave brown bag, $190

biko filagree earrings, $35

anna zygowski scarf, $140

maked 'fountain dress', $156

nokomis 'goldie clutch', $120

bueno style rose earrings, $34

hoakon/helga necklace, $62

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Anonymous said...

so i tried the maked fountain dress on a while ago (last summer) and i really wanted to wear it for my commencement and i was wondering if you still had a small laying around ?