Thursday, November 13, 2008

embarassingly belated (1 of 2)

this is the first of two very late posts regarding noko events from last month. what can we say? we had some camera cord problems, got sidetracked with, you know, "work" and honestly, we're just not always on the ball.

here (finally) for your viewing pleasure are some photos from amanda's going away party on october 23rd.

amanda's worked with us at nokomis since august of 2007. i met her for the first time just before i got married and i'm sure she must've thought i was some sort of crazy, panic-attack-prone whirlwind of a nutjob--not the best employer one could hope for. since then i find myself much calmer and have been able to get to know amanda much better. she's helped us out in the studio during busy months, modeled for our houseline many, many times, and has been a constant sunshiny presence at the store.

though we're really sad to see her go, amanda's a creative girl who follows her heart and that's what she's doing right now. at present she's somewhere lost in mexico (lucky devil!) and will travel there for a time before coming back home to apply for school.

for her going away party we spent the evening with the three 'P's: pizza, pilsner and pumpkins. jessica went out and got us a bunch of pumpkins to carve and we all found ourselves scooping out pumpkin guts, laughing and drinking, eating, dancing, and building round, orange masterpieces.

just imagine how perfect these photos would've been three weeks ago (close your eyes and pretend it's october 25th ok?)

ta da! the fruits of our labour.

it's still a little weird not having amanda around but i can just imagine all the fun she's having. she's a special girl, full of talent and i know she'll go far. i can't wait to hear what i'm sure are going to be wild stories from her travels. xo, amanda, we're thinking of you.

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