Friday, November 14, 2008

100 illustrations + party!

100 black on white illustrations is a lovely little book published by the belgravian press (a tiny edmonton book publishing house) and featuring 100 of raymond biesinger's favorite illustrations. the book showcases works he's done for periodicals such as the new york times, nylon and monocle as well as for himself. raymond is one of our favorite guys, talented and motivated, he's an inspiration when it comes to following through with a great idea. i also happen to be married to the guy so i know firsthand that he's a pretty decent fellow.

these books are all handmade by raymond in our home studio. this is the first book the belgravian press has put out and we have them for sale at nokomis for $14 bucks. they'd make a great gift for a friend or family member.

there's also going to be a book launch party monday after next, november 24th, at the empress. it should be a great time, our friend penny will be dj-ing and you'll get a chance to buy a book, have a beer and schmooze with the author. if you're in town you should stop on by.

if you don't live in edmonton but are interested in the belgravian press or raymond's book shoot us an email or get in touch with raymond here. hope to see you monday night!

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